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About This Initiative

Discover Forgiveness is a digital hub on the benefits of forgiveness. It showcases the academic research on the science of forgiveness and tools that have been developed for individuals and institutions to benefit from this research.

Our goal is to share how the science of forgiveness is interwoven across cultures and contexts, geographies, and traditions. Discover and explore the threads of this tapestry, and learn how forgiveness research can be made accessible and actionable for people around the world - in their individual lives and within their communities.

Discover Forgiveness will continue to enhance and expand its library of content over time so please check back for the latest tools and research.

Our Team

Discover Forgiveness is a joint initiative of the Templeton World Charity Foundation (TWCF) and the John Templeton Foundation (JTF), and is supported by a Forgiveness Scientific Advisory Council. Andrew Serazin, President of TWCF, and Heather Templeton Dill, President of JTF, serve as Co-Chairs of the global Discover Forgiveness campaign.

Since 1996, Templeton World Charity Foundation (TWCF) has supported new discoveries at the intersection of science, theology, philosophy, and society. Founded by Sir John Templeton, the Foundation fosters ambitious thinking, bold experimentation, and creative communications. Under the leadership of President Andrew Serazin, TWCF is committed to a five-year strategy focused on innovations that enable human flourishing.

Founded in 1987, the John Templeton Foundation supports research and catalyzes conversations that inspire people with awe and wonder. We fund work on subjects ranging from black holes and evolution to creativity, forgiveness, and free will. We also encourage civil, informed dialogue among scientists, philosophers, theologians, and the public at large. Our aspiration is to help people create lives of meaning and purpose and to become a global catalyst for discoveries that contribute to human flourishing.

Templeton’s Forgiveness Scientific Advisory Council, co-chaired by Dr. Kofi Marfo and Dr. Loren Toussaint, includes representatives from around the world with interdisciplinary expertise in the science of forgiveness and related fields. To ensure the validity of the science and a balanced perspective, this nine-member group helps inform strategy, recommends valuable research materials and amplifies messaging within the academic community.

Interested in joining us or contributing?

Contact Us at team@discoverforgiveness.org

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